Tuesday, November 2, 2010

RT Book Reviews Nominates Lord Lightning for Readers Choice Award!

I'm delighted to announce that Lord Lightning was just picked to be one of RT Book Reviews' Reader's Choice Award Nominees as one of the "Best Historical Novels 2010."

Even better it was nominated in the "Historical K.I.S.S. Hero" category, spotlighting Lord Lightning himself, the inimitable Edward Neville.

I couldn't have asked for anything better. My hope was that readers would fall in love with Edward as deeply as I did and this nomination suggests that they have.

You might be interested to know that when the hero of Lord Lightning first showed up and informed me that his name was Edward, I was concerned. This was several years before Ms. Meyer had published Twilight and is name sounded a bit stodgy to me since the bestselling authors were writing about all those dashing Wulfs and Aidens and Blazes.

But I stuck with it because my hero insisted it was his name and because "Edward" is a real English name of the sort real English aristocrats would have given children born in the late 18th century who of course, are the people who grew up to be our Regency heroes.

Now of course, Lord Lightning's first name is fiercely trendy again, and I've even been accused of jumping on a bandwagon when, in truth, my eccentric hero got there long before that parvenue vampire boy.